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Locusts swarm and Rudd leaks

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WikiLeaks, that is.   He urged, so it has been leaked, the USA to use force against China if necessary.  Might upset our relationship with our neighbours a little.

Today’s Age web site has the Rudd story just slightly ahead of the locusts. I’m wondering which I should worry about, if indeed either. After all, there are quite a few high profile personalities that have copped a bit of international flack as a result of WikiLeaks. Should he or shouldn’t he? Assange, that is. Whether he should or shouldn’t is now not worth the discussion. The fact is, he has and there may well be some unexpected fallout as a result.

As for the locusts, they are coming in search of food. Can we blame them? They are doing what surely any species does – fighting for survival. Their fight may well inconvenience us all powerful humans who feel the planet is ours to control at the expense of all other creatures, in perhaps a similar way to Assange inconveniencing the world of international diplomacy.

Both, it seems, are being driven by a need: the locusts to eat to survive and Assange by his principles. With the locusts there can be no debate about the right or wrong of their need to feed. Assange is another issue, for irrespective of his personal principles it can be argued he has a responsibility to not destabilise fragile international relations.

As Hilary Clinton was reported as saying last week, one world leader she called to forewarn of the leaks said (I may not have this verbatim, I’m running on memory here) “Don’t worry about it, you should see what we say about you.” So they are all running around ripping each other to shreads in diplomatic cables the world over, telling tales to their besties. It sounds like primary school, but I’m sure it isn’t. It couldn’t be…… or could it?  Perhaps Assange is doing us all a favour by showing us too many emporers have no clothes. 


Written by Robyn Dunphy

December 6, 2010 at 10:47 am

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