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What is it with Kyle?

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Picture: Robyne Cuerel Source: The Daily Telegraph

Trust me, it hurts me more to write this than it hurts you to read it.  Why would I even bother reading about someone so, so, so …… words fail me.

This man gets in more trouble than he is worth, yet networks still put him on screen and some daft radio station in New South Wales keeps paying him.  Luckily I can avoid him – most of the time.

This latest escapade is nothing short of “spoilt brat” syndrome.  “Oh, but my RENTED $300,000 Maserati might get a little sqwatch if I don’t have protection.”

Not to mention one has to question the rationale his uncle used in convincing himself to agree to this stupidity.  

Few hints about real life, Kyle:

  1. Don’t hire a $300,000 vehicle if you can’t afford the insurance!
  2. Don’t hire a $300,000 vehicle if you think it is unsuitable for the job at hand!
  3. Don’t go squandering the tax payers’ money on your personal indulgences!
  4. Being a B List ( C List even?) celebrity does not get you the level of privilege to which you clearly aspire.



Written by Robyn Dunphy

November 21, 2010 at 4:18 pm