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Talk about your tackle!

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Today The Age gives coverage to a new campaign to get men “talking about their tackle“.   Good on all involved: The Age, the Richardsons and Andrology Australia for the campaign.

We all know men are not good at this stuff.  We do not need research to tell us they are not good at, we all have friends, fathers, brothers, sons and husbands.  How hard is it to get many of them to actually go to the doctor for something, anything, let alone if such a visit should involve THAT part of his anatomy!

I can relate two situations from friends.  One was a 38 year-old who discovered he suffered, as 38, erectile dysfunction.  Lack of use combined, probably, with too much alcohol consumption.  He did the right thing and dashed to the doctor for treatment which involved injections and attempting to reverse the atrophying of the blood vessels in the penis.  At 38, this was a huge shock to my friend.

Then I know of a man who was living in denial.  His was due to diabetes, which he could certainly have controlled better with diet and exercise.  His loss of function, he was sure, was only temporary.  Nothing temporary about twelve months.

Many men will ignore it, live in denial, lose track of time: anything rather than actually address the issue.

Don’t be one of those men.  At the first inkling something is not working properly, at the first sign of a lump or bump where it shouldn’t be – GO TO THE DOCTOR.  As the above article says – the longer you say “nothing” is wrong, the greater the chance the doctor will be able to do “nothing” about it.


Written by Robyn Dunphy

February 6, 2011 at 8:42 am

False world of sports professionals

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Poor St Kilda.  As a club it has certainly been through the media mill off field lately.  It hopefully is a lesson to all sporting professionals, not just the players of the St Kilda football club (who themselves do not seem to be learning any lessons).

The above linked article says “These young men live in a false world. Too much adoration, money and spare time.”  That statement doesn’t just apply to St Kilda’s young men, but to all sports professionals.  It is indeed a false world.  Some sports do not seem to be as bad as others:  tennis, for example, is not generally rocked by such scandals.  Cricket has the odd loose cannon such as Shane Warne, but generally, not so bad.  Cricket’s dramas usually revolve more around match fixing, it seems, that sex, alcohol and drugs.  Golf?  Well there was Tiger, of course, and even The Shark has had some colourful moments.

Footballers seem to take the cake every time.  Is it the pack mentality?  Get a group of young, irresponsible, overpaid men together with way too much time on their hands and perhaps a lack of rigorous education and look what happens.  The adoration aspect is clear: yet other sports professionals have a similar fan base and don’t get into the same scraps.

Too many bumps on the head?  After all, it does seem as if footballers, irrespective of code, end up in more trouble.  AFL takes the cake locally, but worldwide anecdotal evidence would suggest footballers end up in the media the most.

I think I’ll be steering my sons in the direction of tennis.

What sport do you encourage your sons to play, and why?


Written by Robyn Dunphy

February 2, 2011 at 5:57 am

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