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Guns & sex? Not me!

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Maybe this article caught my eye because of my current enforced state of celibacy.  More likely it caught my eye because I am a long standing supporter of gun control.  That is despite having been a A-grade competitive shooter in my younger years.

I have to say I’ve never imagined, even in my wildest fantasies (clearly mine aren’t wild enough), combining guns and sex.  Call me strange if you will, but somehow the two just don’t seem to mix, unless you are into games involving rape fantasies I suppose.

Now we have a situation when the man has accidentally killed his wife.  Interestingly the wife was 50 and the husband only 23, if the report is correct.  This is quite a substantial age difference.  I can’t help but wonder what the life insurance arrangements are.

The husband has been arrested, but no charges have yet been laid.  I suppose in a country where everyone has the constitutional right to bear arms it might take a little longer to determine what the charge should be.  Stupidity springs to mind, although I’m not sure that is actually a criminal offence in itself.

The husband didn’t know the gun was loaded, the report states.  Ummmmmmmm – how many guns load themselves, I wonder?  Did the wife load it, hoping to dispose of the husband?  Was this a murder plot gone wrong?  He put the gun to her head and it discharged? 

I remember the case earlier this year where the husband killed several members of his family because the wife hadn’t cooked his breakfast eggs properly.  Guns and domesticity are just not a good mix.  What is your view?

How many people really involve guns in their sex lives? 

While I am very sorry for the loss of life in this case, I really can’t help thinking that anyone who plays with fire risks getting burnt – in some cases, fatally.


Written by Robyn Dunphy

December 30, 2010 at 6:15 am

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Until death do us part

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Within two weeks of or, worse, AT the wedding, it seems.

First we had the case in Australia of the American charged with murdering his wife on their honeymoon in Australia while scuba diving.  He served time here, then was deported to face charges in Alabama, USA.

More recently we had the UK man honeymooning in South Africa who is accused of arranging the murder of his bride.

Now we have a case, in Brazil, of the groom shooting his bride, the bestman and himself at the wedding reception.

What on earth is going on here?  I don’t believe I’ve seen a lot of similar cases in the past.  Why are these men getting married in the first place?  Did they change their mind at the last minute but not have the courage to call it off?  That seems unlikely if they had the courage to kill their brides so soon after the wedding.

Admittedly the UK/South African case is still very much open, but the husband is certainly the prime suspect, it is reported.

The American/Australia case was presented as an accident initially.

In the Brazilian case there were way too many witnesses for any claims of innocence to be made – besides, the husband himself is dead.

Weddings are supposed to be a joyous time. Yes, marriages fail: usually not in such a short space of time, unless you are Britney Spears (52 hours) and they managed to end that marriage without a death.

Something is not right.  Do you have any thoughts as to what may be causing such horrible events?

Written by Robyn Dunphy

December 21, 2010 at 6:25 pm

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