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Julia must decide!

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All I can say today is Julia Gillard must love Nick Riewoldt and the St Kilda FC this week.  Will she change her allegiance from the Bulldogs to St Kilda? After all, the media focus in Victoria (the Labor heartland, so we are told) has been shifted from such minor events as the Christmas Island tragedy to the saga of footballers having group sex.

This is news?  We didn’t actually know this already?  The Bombers might have finished down the ladder this year, but at least you always knew James Hird was never going to attract this kind of publicity.

Like an innumerable number of Victorians (if not Australians) I’ve seen the photo of Nick.  I can understand him demanding it be deleted at the time it was taken.  A) His facial expression is just plain weird; B) He “just got out of bed”, but in a very “unmanly” state as many men laughingly indicated within my hearing today and yesterday; C) Am I the only one who noticed he seems to be shaved in the nether regions?  I do agree most people sleep naked – who doesn’t?

There is much todo about where and when the photo was taken.  Should be simple enough to prove.  If I download a photo from my camera or my phone to my computer, a wealth of information is also transferred and easily accessed.  Here is a snip from my own computer.

Look at that – even records the aperture and focal length.  Surprise, surprise.

And the date taken:

A photo from a phone?  Not a problem!  Yes, I do indeed have a Nokia N97.

Let me make it very clear that if the young lady in question is telling the truth, I applaud her fortitude for fighting back.  I may well have questions about what a 16 year-old was doing cavorting with professional footballers, but I also know without a shadow of a doubt those footballers also have a responsibility to behave in a manner befitting their privileged status.  Group sex involving 16 year-olds is not responsible in any way, shape or form.

The fact this state, or this country, thinks this story is worthy of so much news coverage astounds me.    Let’s our politicians off the hook, doesn’t it?  Very convenient.

I read the AFL is “angry” with Channel 7.  The AFL may do well to remember the media is supposed to report openly and independently, not at the behest of a sporting fraternity.

There is so much about this whole thing that is so wrong.  From the actual events, the “he said, she said” aspect with no documented proof from either camp, the “pressure” supposedly being brought to bear on a media outlet for rights to televising games, to the totally unwarranted degree of media coverage when there are way more important things the media should be paying attention to.  Such as the treatment by the USA of an Australian citizen or the treatment of asylum seekers by Australians to name just two items of current importance.

Must be a slow news day.

I expect an annoucement any day that Julia has become St Kilda’s No. 1 ticket holder.

By the way – when exactly did Australia adopt American spelling?  Labour is Labour, not Labor, in Australia!


Written by Robyn Dunphy

December 22, 2010 at 9:22 pm