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False world of sports professionals

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Poor St Kilda.  As a club it has certainly been through the media mill off field lately.  It hopefully is a lesson to all sporting professionals, not just the players of the St Kilda football club (who themselves do not seem to be learning any lessons).

The above linked article says “These young men live in a false world. Too much adoration, money and spare time.”  That statement doesn’t just apply to St Kilda’s young men, but to all sports professionals.  It is indeed a false world.  Some sports do not seem to be as bad as others:  tennis, for example, is not generally rocked by such scandals.  Cricket has the odd loose cannon such as Shane Warne, but generally, not so bad.  Cricket’s dramas usually revolve more around match fixing, it seems, that sex, alcohol and drugs.  Golf?  Well there was Tiger, of course, and even The Shark has had some colourful moments.

Footballers seem to take the cake every time.  Is it the pack mentality?  Get a group of young, irresponsible, overpaid men together with way too much time on their hands and perhaps a lack of rigorous education and look what happens.  The adoration aspect is clear: yet other sports professionals have a similar fan base and don’t get into the same scraps.

Too many bumps on the head?  After all, it does seem as if footballers, irrespective of code, end up in more trouble.  AFL takes the cake locally, but worldwide anecdotal evidence would suggest footballers end up in the media the most.

I think I’ll be steering my sons in the direction of tennis.

What sport do you encourage your sons to play, and why?



Written by Robyn Dunphy

February 2, 2011 at 5:57 am

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Guns & sex? Not me!

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Maybe this article caught my eye because of my current enforced state of celibacy.  More likely it caught my eye because I am a long standing supporter of gun control.  That is despite having been a A-grade competitive shooter in my younger years.

I have to say I’ve never imagined, even in my wildest fantasies (clearly mine aren’t wild enough), combining guns and sex.  Call me strange if you will, but somehow the two just don’t seem to mix, unless you are into games involving rape fantasies I suppose.

Now we have a situation when the man has accidentally killed his wife.  Interestingly the wife was 50 and the husband only 23, if the report is correct.  This is quite a substantial age difference.  I can’t help but wonder what the life insurance arrangements are.

The husband has been arrested, but no charges have yet been laid.  I suppose in a country where everyone has the constitutional right to bear arms it might take a little longer to determine what the charge should be.  Stupidity springs to mind, although I’m not sure that is actually a criminal offence in itself.

The husband didn’t know the gun was loaded, the report states.  Ummmmmmmm – how many guns load themselves, I wonder?  Did the wife load it, hoping to dispose of the husband?  Was this a murder plot gone wrong?  He put the gun to her head and it discharged? 

I remember the case earlier this year where the husband killed several members of his family because the wife hadn’t cooked his breakfast eggs properly.  Guns and domesticity are just not a good mix.  What is your view?

How many people really involve guns in their sex lives? 

While I am very sorry for the loss of life in this case, I really can’t help thinking that anyone who plays with fire risks getting burnt – in some cases, fatally.

Written by Robyn Dunphy

December 30, 2010 at 6:15 am

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Only in Darwin…

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Or perhaps this almost qualifies for a Darwin Award.  Not quite, it wasn’t a life-threatening situation.  Just rather strange!  A report in today’s HeraldSun details a woman’s reaction to being denied sex by a cabbie.

Quite within his rights, one would think, to say “No, thanks”.

The woman has been charged with criminal damage and having an offensive weapon after kicking the car and smashing the rear window with a bottle.

Quite  a night on the tiles, I think.

The joys of public holidays – slow news days.

Written by Robyn Dunphy

December 28, 2010 at 1:59 pm

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Legal lunacy?

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I should not have been surprised when I read this.  But I am surprised.  This is nothing short of utter stupidity in my view.  Bureaucracy or red tape or something gone nutty.

Read the full article for how one in receipt of such an order is supposed to crystal ball the problem, but the crux of it is:

Allow him to explain. ”I received a County Court suppression order warning me that under the Serious Sex Offenders Act I could not identify a respondent or broadcast any information that may lead to the identification of that respondent ‘without the leave of the court’.”

Fair enough so far. But wait: ”When I went to see whose name I could not legally use, the suppression order said the man’s name had been suppressed. So I have a court order telling me I cannot name a person whose name they won’t tell me – but if, by a fluke, I do mention a name that happens to be the one they have suppressed – I am breaking the law.”

Whoo, seriously weird. Browser phoned the Justice Department, which flicked us on to the County Court where a spokeswoman told us: ”Ahhh, most of the time the names are there. On rare occasions they are not. If they are not suppressed in the Magistrates Court and you follow the matter through, you will know who that person is. And sometimes they are suppressed after the first directions hearing. Before that time the name will be published. But it can be tricky, I agree.”

When I was working through my husband’s shambles of a protection visa case I came across all sorts of things that made me shake my head in utter amazement.  I’m actually not sure what is worse – or maybe both are cut from the same cloth.

What the hell has happened to plain old every day common sense?

I’m totally ignoring the big news of the day, on the basis it is no surprise: we have another election result so close that again no result will be known  for days.  What did worry me about the election was the terribly low voter turnout.  Where is democracy going when even in a country where voting is compulsory, we seem more prepared to pay a fine that exercise our democratic right? 

And so the world turns……..

Written by Robyn Dunphy

November 28, 2010 at 12:09 am

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What is it with Kyle?

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Picture: Robyne Cuerel Source: The Daily Telegraph

Trust me, it hurts me more to write this than it hurts you to read it.  Why would I even bother reading about someone so, so, so …… words fail me.

This man gets in more trouble than he is worth, yet networks still put him on screen and some daft radio station in New South Wales keeps paying him.  Luckily I can avoid him – most of the time.

This latest escapade is nothing short of “spoilt brat” syndrome.  “Oh, but my RENTED $300,000 Maserati might get a little sqwatch if I don’t have protection.”

Not to mention one has to question the rationale his uncle used in convincing himself to agree to this stupidity.  

Few hints about real life, Kyle:

  1. Don’t hire a $300,000 vehicle if you can’t afford the insurance!
  2. Don’t hire a $300,000 vehicle if you think it is unsuitable for the job at hand!
  3. Don’t go squandering the tax payers’ money on your personal indulgences!
  4. Being a B List ( C List even?) celebrity does not get you the level of privilege to which you clearly aspire.


Written by Robyn Dunphy

November 21, 2010 at 4:18 pm