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They’ve had another glitch.  Apple that is.  Yes, I know, I’m a bit late catching up on the news.  Not really, I did see the news initially, but really; aren’t we all a little over the stuff Apple have had go wrong in 2010? 

Seems 2011 started off just as badly.  What puzzles me is recurring alarms were OK.  Just individual alarms for January 1st and 2nd went ….. well, no, they didn’t go, that was the problem.  Why on earth the 1st and 2nd?  Or have there just not yet been reports of the bug impacting sleepy heads on the 3rd yet? After all it is still on January 2 in a large part of the world and only 8am in Australia on a public holiday.

Never been a fan of the iPhone.  For two main reasons – it was not a multi-tasking device when it first came out (although I gather the latest lot solve that problem) and it has a capacitive screen.  I can’t use a capacitive screen because of my fingernails.  I like my fingernails, I’ve had them a very long time and I’ll de darned if I was chopping them off simply to use the latest (at the time) gadget. 

Sure, I agree, for a lot of people it is a fine little toy.  Smartphones aren’t for everyone.  I never cease to be amazed at people who want to buy the latest and greatest, which is usually an expensive toy, yet use phone calls and text messages only.  Not even the calendar: they carry a paper one!   Like buying a car with an amazing speed limit but only ever driving around town at 50kms an hour.  I don’t get the logic.  There probably isn’t any logic to get.  It is more about saying “Look what I’ve got!”

I’m just more into required function that bragging rights, I guess.  Don’t expect me to be driving around in a Ferarri any time soon.  I can’t afford one, but even if I could, they are the most difficult things to get in and out of.  I know that because a hopeful suitor once arrived to collect me in one.  Even at 18 I wasn’t impressed.


Written by Robyn Dunphy

January 3, 2011 at 8:15 am

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