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Following on from yesterday’s tragedy, today we have a poll in the HeraldSun about asylum seekers.

The question is: Should Australia open the door to asylum seekers to prevent further tragedies?

The results at the time I took this snap, 9:30pm AEDT are shown below.

I will say the question is a very bad question.  After all, no-one expects Australia to take every asylum seeker on the planet, which is how the question could be read.  Even so, 10,725 people greedy people is how I see it.  I’d rather have the asylum seekers as my neighbours than any of these 10,725 people who have no heart, no compassion, no knowledge of human rights and no respect for Australia’s international obligations.

When something terrible happens to any of those people, they will expect all the things they are happy to deny others.

Edit December 17: Michelle Grattan, one of Australia’s long serving political journalists and currently political editor of The Age, writes an interesting piece here. She closes with this statement: “What’s important is to try to head off the blackness in the debate – to prevent, to the extent possible, the argument ahead becoming destructive and damaging for Australia, at home and abroad. This is not just a challenge for Gillard and Abbott. It is a test of the nation.” Indeed it is.

Remember the Holocaust.  Can anyone tell me with absolute certainty something similar is not happening elsewhere in the world today?  Pol Pot?  Yet people are expected to not flee ANY way they can?


Written by Robyn Dunphy

December 16, 2010 at 9:44 pm

2 Responses

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  1. […] it hard to accept that one day we, the Australian people, can be jumping up and down and saying we don’t want asylum seekers, then we do a complete about face and say other people should do this and that for essentially the […]

  2. […] an indication of the prevailing Australian attitude to asylum seekers generally.  While the entry here is general, naturally one can draw inferences from the overwhelming “popular” […]

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