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Assange or Oprah: that’s the news!

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Source:The Australian Pic: Brian Cassey

If you live in Australia right now, your choice of news coverage is rather limited.  We have our usual spattering of murders, Arbib is apparently thought to be spying for the USA despite being an elected representative of the Australian people, the Facebook founder is fending off the twins again and England cricket star Kevin Pietersen has been caught speeding in a Lamborghini.

Those are news stories you have to dig for.  Everything is either Julian, WikiLeaks (one and the same) or Oprah.  No links to those stories, folks – just look at any Australian newspaper: The Age, The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, HeraldSun; take your pick.  Actually, the SMH did manage to give other coverage. More power to the SMH.   Not a word about the locusts – and I have yet to see one.  Wonder what happened to them?

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in Stockholm before he was denied Swedish residency. Source: AP

I’m actually starting to like Julian.  He is certainly stirring things up.  Amazing what is coming out and very interesting that no-one is denying anything.  There is a lot of jumping up and down and thumping of chests about how WikiLeaks threatens peoples lives, but no denials.  Am I the only one that wonders about this?  I think not.  Maybe Julian is actually going to save lives by bringing people to account!

Oprah visiting downunder.  Tourism advertising like no other, most certainly.  People are jumping up and down about the cost (Australia are paying) but there seems to be some discrepancy in the reports.  $4 million? $6 million?  Who knows.  Perhaps Julian can find out for us when he gets out of jail – assuming he does get out of jail and doesn’t disappear in the  USA somewhere, as some reports are suggesting might happen.

Mind you, I do have to wonder about the timing.  Americans are not exactly flush with the cash these days.  Many only get two weeks annual leave a year.  So we are advertising to people with a lousy economy and not enough annual leave to make the trip.

Why am I wondering if a cost benefit analysis of this advertising investment was ever done?

I am also wondering how the USA are feeling about Oprah spuiking the wonders of downunder when the USA is also hellbent on silencing an Australian citizen?


Written by Robyn Dunphy

December 9, 2010 at 8:48 pm

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